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Cross Cultural Psychology Notes Essay - 1291 Words

Whose values count? Culture: any group sharing values, beliefs, customs â€Å"†¦isms† ethnicism/racism sexism heterosexism (homophobia) classism ageism prejudice against disabled religious bigotry Cultural Competence Familiarity with other groups culture Know thyself People including students, therapist, profs, are humans first and Three challenges to know about yourself Humans rarely contemplate the origin, validity or meaning of their value Humans underestimate the arbitrariness of their values and beliefs Humans have an intense emotional need to have others share their values and worldviews What drives us to surround ourselves with like minded others? Comfort Self-affirmation Self-validation We also†¦show more content†¦Aunts/Uncles are like quasi-parents. Grandparents are like quasi-parents. Hispanic adolescents: â€Å"relatives more important than friends† compared to white and African American adolescents Importance of â€Å"moving out† as an adult,Show MoreRelatedObeservational and Sampling in Traditional and Cultural Psychology Research1680 Words   |  7 Pagesshall be made to compare multicultural and traditional psychology research methods with a view to examining observation and sampling as the variables of interest. However, these variables of interest shall be assessed in respect of how they are applied in cultural and traditional psychological research. In addition, the fundamental problems that may be encountered by the researchers during the implementation of the observation and sampling in cultural and traditional psychological research setting shallRead MoreInfluence Of Cultural Values On Advertising Essay1124 Words   |  5 Pages Influence of Cultural Values in Advertising Name: Institution: Introduction Commercial products of multinational companies are being marketed to people from different cultures owing to an increased growth in the world economy (Lin, 2012). Samli (1995) states that in most cases, consumer attitudes are largely driven by the framework of their culture. Mooji points out that global marketing strategies are not culture-free and should not be because its influence on consumer behavior isRead MoreEssay on The Role of Methodology in Developmental Research1467 Words   |  6 PagesMethodology in Developmental Research Developmental psychology may be defined as a branch psychology devoted to understanding all changes that human beings, experience throughout the lifespan (Berk. E. L 2003). Developmental psychology focuses hugely on development in childhood, as major changes occur in childhood, it is the scientific study of ‘how we grow and develop’, (Davenport 1994). Developmental psychology aims to understand the important aspects of cognitionRead MoreThe Analysis of the Five Factor Model Essay examples1483 Words   |  6 Pagespsychologists for and against the model will be looked at. Following this, the stability of traits will be looked at, both longitudinal and cross situational. Finally, the application of the model within and outside psychology will be evaluated to show support that the FFM provides a solid foundation for an adequate personality psychology. â€Å"The Five Factor Model provides a compelling framework for building personality measures that seek to represent the domain of individual Read MorePsychotic Disorder Due to Epilepsy1356 Words   |  5 PagesPsychologys attempts to treat patients suffering from psychosis due to epilepsy have necessitated studies of related socio-cultural and environmental factors in which special attention is paid to the relationship(s) between epileptic psychoses and human development/socialization. Furthermore, Psychologys pragmatic treatment of these disorders demands a learned sensitivity to relevant cultural factors and treatment of both epileptic and psychotic issues. Psychotic Disorder Due to Epilepsy In PsychiatricRead MorePsychological Perspectives On Mental Health Disorders1728 Words   |  7 PagesPsychological perspectives are the different ways in which psychologists look at individual’s behaviours, thoughts and feelings. Although some of the psychological perspectives are very different while others are similar and seem to overlap, it is important to note that there isn’t simply one correct perspective and that each of the perspectives has their strengths and weaknesses. In this essay I am going to look into the different psychological perspectives and how they offer us an understanding on behavioursRead MoreSocial Psychology : A Unique Subfield Of Psychology1474 Words   |  6 PagesSocial psychology is a unique subfield of psychology. The history of the psychology dates back in 387 BC when Plato had inferred that the human brain is a device comprising of mental structures. Charles Darwin coined the theory of evolution called â€Å"Survival of the Fittes t† when he disseminated his On the Origin of Species in 1859. Many other names have made major contributions in the field of psychology. However, it was Leon Festinger, in 1957, who propositioned his postulation of â€Å" CognitiveRead MoreMy Plans For Your Future Career Goals1097 Words   |  5 Pageswith others, influence a wide variety of disciplines in psychology and other fields. In the final week of this course, you will develop a handbook based on one of these constructs. This week, you will choose the construct that you will concentrate on for this project. The construct you choose should be based on the area in which you would most like to develop your knowledge. Your choice should also consider your current interests in psychology and support your future career goals. Identify the audienceRead MoreA Creative Reflective Essay Relating My Understanding of an Article from the Cross-Cultural Journal of Psychology:1624 Words   |  7 PagesA Creative Reflective Essay Relating My Understanding of an Article from the Cross-Cultural Journal of Psychology: TWO DECADES OF CHANGE IN CULTURAL VALUES AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN EIGHT EAST ASIAN AND PACIFIC ISLAND NATIONS (MICHAEL W. ALLEN, University of Sydney, Australia; SIK HUNG NG, City University of Hong Kong, China; KENICHI lKEDA, University of Tolcyo, Japan; JAYUM A. JAWAN, Universiti Putra Malaysia; ANWARUL HASAN SUFI, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh; MARC WILSON, VictoriaRead MoreAn Examination Of Attitudes, Beliefs, And Understanding Of Mental Illness1449 Words   |  6 Pagesof stigma, and preferred coping behaviours’. Nursing Research 62(3), 185-194 Ward et al. (2013) examined beliefs about mental illness, attitudes towards seeking mental health services and preferred coping behaviours by African Americans. Through a cross-sectional design, the researchers focussed on whether these variables were affected by the gender or age of their 272 participant sample of African Americans aged between 25-72 years of age. The researchers found clear, significant differences in

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Medieval Gift Ideas

Guide note: This feature was originally posted in December of 1997, and was updated in December of 2010. If youre looking for that special gift for a medieval history buff -- or if you like medieval history and you want to share it with your friends -- perhaps this page can help. Below are a few gift ideas that can bring a little medieval charm to todays holiday season. Gift projects are reasonable in cost, and if you start soon you can have them finished by December 24th. Or, take a lesson from medieval times and give your gifts on Twelfth Night -- January 6th. The Artistic Touch Do you enjoy crafts-work? Are you good with a needle? Then perhaps youd like to make a gift for that special someone. Candles Candle-making was an ability that many medieval men and women were likely to know. If you know how to make candles or would like to try your hand at this rewarding craft, you may wish to stick to beeswax (instead of paraffin, which wasnt used until the 19th century, or tallow, which is difficult to work with) and make hand-dipped candles in order to keep the project medieval. Beeswax has a lovely fresh odor and does not require the addition of any scents, but it can be expensive. Whether you are new to candle-making or a practiced hand, please be sure to take all safety precautions. Clothing You may wish to create a medieval costume -- even if you dont belong to a reenactment group, it will look splendid at a masquerade or Renaissance fair. For a really authentic look, embroider the work using period embroidery techniques and period designs, or enhance it with hand-woven braids. If an entire costume isnt up your alley, you can use these techniques on something as simple as a cape or a scarf. Calligraphy If youre practiced in the art of calligraphy, try inscribing a medieval or Renaissance poem (or a verse from an epic) on parchment-style paper (real parchment can be very expensive). Shakespeare is always a hit, particularly his sonnets. Food, Glorious Food Thinking of a special holiday dinner? Try some medieval recipes. And forget that fruitcake -- go with a few medieval desserts instead. Gingerbread Cake is a period Christmas food, and Shortbreads are not only period but easy to present in a canister or, for a more authentic package, in a basket. If the recipient of your gift likes to cook as well, include the recipe -- hand calligraphed on parchment paper, rolled into a scroll and tied with a ribbon.   The Medieval Touch Whatever gift you choose to give, you can add a little medieval charm with a hand-calligraphed gift-tag (try parchment-look paper) or by wrapping the gift in fabric instead of paper (which was not really a disposable product in the middle ages). Decorate with fabric ribbons, dried flowers, berries, or pine cones. A personalized, hand-calligraphed bookmark with a holiday message is a great accompaniment to a book. Many of the customs we observe today began in the middle ages. For more about medieval Christmas, please see Medieval Christmas Traditions.

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The Aquilealand Accounting Standard Board Accounting Essay Free Essays

This intent of this study is to give advice on the development of an accounting criterion for employee benefits. Five different jobs sing employee benefits will be examined and each job will be related to an accounting construct. Recommendations will be suggested for these jobs every bit good. We will write a custom essay sample on The Aquilealand Accounting Standard Board Accounting Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now All employees work in outlook of being rewarded afterwards, or in progress in some instances. Beam and Mcfadden ( 2001 ) specify employee benefits as â€Å" all benefits and services, other than rewards for clip worked that are provided to employees in whole or in portion by their employers † . These benefits include ill foliages, medical disbursals, holiday fillips and many others. Therefore, it is necessary that there are certain regulations sing these benefits that will keep the rights of the employees. In the underdeveloped state of Aquilealand, we do non hold our ain conceptual model, and hence we adopt the IASB ‘s model. Aquilealand Accounting Standards Board should use a new criterion for employee benefits and this will be used by all companies in Aquilealand. There are several jobs refering employee benefits which need to be looked into in deepness, some of them will be discussed in the undermentioned paragraphs. Problem ( 1 ) : Recognition of net incomes and losingss originating from program assets One of the jobs mentioned during the making the accounting criterion for Aquilealand is the acknowledgment of expected return of program assets. In the attack V IASB expected return should be recognized and excluded from the assets service cost. However, anticipation of any future return involves a large sum of uncertainness ( Pastor, 2001 ) . Harmonizing to Pastor it is really difficult to foretell expected return even utilizing mathematical theoretical accounts objectively. The ground is that subjectiveness and opinion have a large impact on this procedure ( Pastor, 2001 ) . This fact is interrupting the objectiveness construct of the Regulatory Framework. Harmonizing to this construct, histories should be free of opinion and should be measured by all people in the same manner ( Alexander et Al ) . In add-on, acknowledgment of expected return, which is unfulfilled return, may be misdirecting information for the users of fiscal statements. As it is non possible to extinguish the opinion factor in the procedure of computation of expected return, companies should non recognize the expected return on program assets until it is truly gained. That will forestall the breakage of the objectiveness construct. This may besides assist to supply more accurate information about the fiscal state of affairs of the company to the users of fiscal statements. Merely realized return on program assets should be recognized. In add-on, companies should be required to unwrap the information about alteration of program plus in the one-year study ; non as the portion of the statement of comprehensive income but as a separate subdivision. Problem ( 2 ) : Disclosures There are three basic affairs that can be of import to be disclosed in fiscal statements. First, explain in inside informations the characteristics and hazards connected with its defined benefit programs. Next, show the consequence of defined benefit programs on the entity ‘s future hard currency flow and which related to timing, uncertainty and sums. Finally, explain the numerical information that is involved in the fiscal statements bring forthing from its defined benefits program ( PWC, 2011 ) . However, there are many demands for revelations which might be hard to use. A company has to supply elaborate information about the fiscal events in order to run into three things because the users of fiscal statements need to measure numerical information ( KPMG, 2011 ) . Furthermore, sensitivity analysis revelation is given simply on the defined benefit duty, although IASB provinces that, ‘sensitivity analysis on the net defined benefit liability ( assets ) ‘ can be more utile. However, it is far more hard and complicated to transport out ( ibid. ) . Furthermore, revelations for multi-employer programs are presently extended because more information linked with multi- employer should be disclosed such as support agreement ( PWC, 2011 ) . Harmonizing to the materiality construct, fiscal statements are prepared to function the users to do the right determination. Therefore, all information that may impact their determination should be involved in fiscal statements. As a consequence, revelation rule is significantly associated with materiality because all the quantitative and qualitative information should be involved in fiscal statement such as accounting policies and important events ( Jan, O. , 2010 ) . As mentioned before, there are some recommendations that should be considered for employee benefits revelation. First, the companies required to unwraping the of import information involved in fiscal statements to fulfill the external users and assist them to understand information and do right determination ( PWC, 2013 ) . In add-on, the companies should utilize narrative description of fiscal information such as liabilities fiting so the readers can understand written information. Problem ( 3 ) : Termination benefits Based on the definition in IAS 19, expiration benefits are the benefits for those employees whose employments are voluntarily or involuntarily terminated before the normal retirement day of the month. Therefore, expiration benefits should be recognized as a liability and an disbursal in entity ‘s fiscal study. For case, voluntary expiration benefits should be recognized when they are provided as ‘a consequence of an offer made in order to promote voluntary redundancy ‘ ( Alexander, Britton A ; Jorissen, 2011: 525 ) . On the other manus, as the name implies, nonvoluntary expiration benefits should be recognized when the employment is terminated involuntarily, such as dismissal. However, for acknowledgment in fiscal accounting, it is indispensable to foremost make up one’s mind when and how much it should be recognized. Therefore, the disbursal of the expiration benefits should be able to be expressed in money, which is besides known as one of the fiscal accounting conventions named ‘monetary measuring ‘ ( Alexander, Britton A ; Jorissen, 2011 ) . Furthermore, besides the sum to acknowledge, it is besides necessary to find the clip to acknowledge. For case, to acknowledge the nonvoluntary expiration benefits every bit shortly as the employees are cognizant of the expiration or at the clip they leave the entity should be regulated. Based on the counsel of fiscal accounting conventions, the sum and the clip for the acknowledgment could be easy determined. First, taking history of the pecuniary measuring convention, entity should guarantee the expiration benefits in its dismissal program could be measured. Similarly, the benefits included in the offer that entity provides for voluntary expiration should besides be mensurable. Furthermore, harmonizing to the accumulations convention, the disbursal of the entity should be recognized and recorded every bit shortly as the use of the disbursal is determined ( Alexander, Britton A ; Jorissen, 2011 ) . Therefore, nonvoluntary expiration benefits should be recognized at the clip when entity officially notice the employees affected in its dismissal program. However, for those who have exchanged their expiration benefits for future services, the liability of their benefits should be recognized over the future period. At last, voluntary expiration benefits should be recogn ized when the employees accept the offer made in other to promote voluntary redundancy. Problem ( 4 ) : Post-employment benefits Post-employment benefits means the staff Begin having retirement benefits, for illustration, retirement benefits and other post-employment benefits after completed an employment relationship ( BDO, 2013 ) . Besides, there are two classs of post-employment benefits programs. One is defined part programs, another is defined benefit programs ( ibid. ) . In general, DCP ( which stand for defined part programs ) means employees ‘ retirement program benefits was reserved financess from the company ‘s one-year net income ( Investopedia, n.d. ) . Accounting intervention is comparatively simple. But the duties undertaken of the employee is non rather clear. Therefore, the item of the handling is the employer ought to do the part towards the present service and have no duty to give excess part for past service ( Towers Watson, n.d. ) . For DBP ( which stand for defined benefit programs ) , it is a retirement program that employee benefits are classified harmonizing to a expression utilizing factors such as length of service and salary history, which was sponsored by the employer ( Investopedia, n.d. ) . Harmonizing to Towers Watson [ n.d. ] , owing to actuarial additions and losingss and anterior service costs are deferred, ensuing in the pension liability that are non really required to bear the duties. The solution is instantly acknowledgment of actuarial additions and losingss and anterior service cost. The undermentioned specific patterns are: canceling actuarial additions and losingss utilizing the corridor attack, take actuarial additions and losingss that are recognized in net income and loss commissariats and necessitate all actuarial additions and losingss should be recognized instantly in other comprehensive income ( OCI ) . Furthermore, past service cost should non be deferred amortisation and besides necessitate to be recognized instantly when incurred ( ibid. ) . Besides IAS 19 alterations in the method of look, service cost and net involvement i ncome or disbursal recognized in net income or loss, Re-measurable part recognized in OCI ( BDO, 2013 ) . Problem ( 5 ) : Immediate acknowledgment Immediate acknowledgment in other comprehensive income will hold an impact on organisations which recognizes additions and losingss at the same time in net income and loss. The standard requires acknowledgment of defined benefit duty and program assets in the statement of comprehensive income and in the statement of fiscal place. Harmonizing to IASB, ‘immediate acknowledgment provides more relevant information to users of fiscal statements and provides more faithful representation of the fiscal consequence of defined benefit programs ‘ ( KPMG 2011, p 5 ) . There are some looks of immediate acknowledgment which eliminated by AASB as the criterion of employee benefits. Among them are past service cost and disposal costs and other disbursals. As an illustration of immediate acknowledgment jobs, past service costs will be explained in item. Past service costs used to depict service costs different from current service costs and additions or losingss on the colony. It is defined as ‘the alteration in the present value of the defined benefit duty for the employee service provided in anterior periods ( KPMG, 2011: 18 ) . We should specify whether past service costs is positive or negative. When the alterations improve employee benefits, it is positive ( Deloitte, 2011 ) . While it is negative if the alteration consequences in decrease of the bing benefits ( ibid ) . The following measure is to acknowledge them into the entities ‘ fiscal statements. Harmonizing to the prudence concept footing, it is besides necessary to describe the accounting minutess. Therefore, the method used to acknowledge a vested yesteryear service costs should differ from the one used to acknowledge an unvested yesteryear service costs. Based on the consistence concept footing, it states that ‘accounting methods one time adopted must be applied systematically in future ‘ ( Jan, I. , 2012 ) . Therefore, the accounting intervention for both vested and unvested yesteryear service costs should be severally kept the same in several accounting periods. As it has been shown in the old paragraph, we recommend that the methods used to acknowledge vested and unvested yesteryear service cost should be different. Vested past service costs should be recognized instantly while ‘unvested past service costs should be recognized on a straight-line footing over the staying vesting period ‘ ( Ernst and Young, 2011: 4 ) . Furthermore, the methods used to acknowledge past service costs should follow a consistence footing. To reason, the Aquilealand Accounting Standard Board examined jobs sing employee benefits such as: acknowledgment of net incomes and loss originating from program assets, revelations, expiration benefits, post employment benefits, and immediate acknowledgment. Each of these jobs relates to an accounting construct, and recommendations were suggested in order to make a suited criterion that fit a state which has an active stock market. How to cite The Aquilealand Accounting Standard Board Accounting Essay, Essay examples

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Economic Principles and Decision Making

Question: Discuss about the Economic Principles and Decision Making. Answer: Introduction The report focuses on several macroeconomic variables of a country and their effect on business. Schmeckt Gut is a company, which wants to launch a Schmeckt Besser energy bar in Atolia of California. Opening a new business or expansion of a new business depends on economic condition of a country. Several economic factors affecting the business of Schmeckt Gut are supply and demand of energy bar in Atolia, aggregate demand and supply in the economy, price level etc. Furthermore, the opening business in oversee is affected by economic environment of the country. International trade, business cycle, infrastructure of the economy affect the business performance of a company (Mankiw, 2014). Investment in the economy depends on countrys interest rate. When interest rate rises, investment in the economy is discouraged. Therefore, it hampers the progress of the economy. However, higher interest rate attracts foreign investment in domestic assets. The prices of the product increases due to increase in interest rate or labour cost, the demand for normal goods fall. As a start up company, keeping higher price of the product may not be profitable. Success of a business depends on the economic condition of the target country. Therefore, assessment of target market is important before launching the product. The report highlights the relation among different variables such as average income of people of Atolia, inflation rate, and tariff rate. Discussion of Philips curve and laffer curve are considered here. Philip curve shows relation between countrys inflation and unemployment (Evans Honkapohja, 2012). Demand for product is related to unemployment rate. As unemployment rate decreases, per capita income increases. Therefore individual demand and aggregate demand increases. Hence, if there is growing aggregate demand, then the business has a good prospect in the target market. Laffer curve shows a relation between rate of taxation in the economy and other related activities within economy. Analysis of Laffer curve can suggest possible action that Schmeckt Gut can take in new business development. Links among different variables and analysis of concepts Link between inflation rate and income of an economy There is close relation between inflation rate and growth of the economy within the given period of time. For sustainable growth, some countries prefer low interest rate (Chiarella Flaschel Semmler, 2013). According to Phillps curve, there is a trade off between the inflation and unemployment. If a country wants to keep inflation rate low, the price level needs to be low. Price of consumers good depend on the aggregate demand of the economy. When aggregate demand exceeds the aggregate supply of the economy, the consumer price index moves upward direction (Borio, 2014). Figure 1: effect of aggregate demand on price (Source: created by author) Aggregate demand in the economy can rise if there is increase in money supply in the economy. Money supply can rise if the government increases its spending in the economy. Payment of public debt also increases money supply (Burda Wyplosz, 2012). When, money supply increases in the economy in the form of income and transfer payment, peoples demand for goods increases. Marginal propensity to consume increases compared to marginal saving. At very short run total production in economy remains fixed (Malmendier Nagel, 2016). Therefore, aggregate demand for goods and services exceeds the aggregate supply. In order to manage excess demand, the supplier increases price of products. Increasing price induces suppliers to provide more goods and services. Revenue of the suppliers increases (Stock Watson, 2015). However, in the short run, marginal productivity of the factors decreases after exceeding the capacity. Due to resource constraint, supply increment is not possible. The revenue of the firms increases in the long run, when it can change all the resources according to the needs of production. If the aggregate supplies curve is vertical instead of positively sloped following Keynesian model, this affects only the price level and not the output (Case Fair Oster, 2012). Figure 2: Effect on vertical aggregate supply curve (Source: created by author) According to Gandolfo (2013), a moderate rate of inflation rate is good for an economy, as higher price encourages producers to raise production. A country expands if aggregate supply increases with increase in aggregate demand. As the production of the companies increases, factors income increases, therefore the GDP at factor prices increases. In the circular flow of income, the factors income goes to the households, which further increases per capita income. Demand for physical, financial resources and final goods increases. Backward and forward linkages among industries cause expansion of the economy. Hence, GDP of the economy rises (Iacoviello, 2014). Scarth (2014) argued that, inflation has negative externality on the economy. Inflation creates uncertainty about the profitability of the projects in future period. Hence, investors may choose conservative investment policy, which may resist growth. Moreover, rise in interest rate leads to the appreciation of the domestic currency. Appreciation of the currency makes export costlier to the foreigner. Therefore, demand for export decreases, which makes domestic export sector less competitive in the international market. As a result export sector contracts and income of people involved in export sector falls (ILO Chowdhury, 2014). Decline in net export reduces GDP of the economy. Phillips curve analysis If price level in the economy increases due to hike in aggregate demand, there is demand pull inflation in the economy. Benassy (2014) cited that, demand pull inflation is good for the economy as suppliers are encouraged to provide more goods and services in the economy. Therefore, as economy expands, different sectors of the economy expand. With the expansion of different sectors, demand for factors increases. According to modern economy, labour and capital are regarded as complementary factors rather than substitute (Coeurdacier Rey, 2013). Hence, demand for both the factor increases as the production increases. Due to increasing demand for factor, employment in the economy increases. Therefore, demand pull inflation is good for the economy as it has positive effect on employment. Ascari Sbordone (2014) argued that, inflation has negative effect on the economy if it is cost driven. If the cost of production rises, the production level in the economy falls. For example, if there is a wage hike in the economy due to bargaining effect of trade union or low supply of labour, the labour hire cost increases for the companies. This creates burden in their production process. Therefore, wage hike reduces demand for labour and firms tend to choose more capital intensive production process substituting labour intensive one (Petersen Amano Kryvtsov, 2014). Furthermore, if government of the economy imposes minimum wage law, firms are compelled to pay the minimum wage to every worker. Now, there are both skilled and unskilled employees in a company. In spite of low productivity, they have to be paid higher wages, which creates burden on employee by reducing profitability (Yoshikawa et al., 2015). Hence, the firms decide to turn over the low skilled workers due to wage h ike. If there is cost push inflation in the economy, unemployment rate in the economy raises. Phillips curve describes the negative relation between the unemployment and inflation rate. However, in the long run, the unemployment rate is fixed (Li Wu, 2015). Figure 3: Phillips curve (Source: created by author) Above diagram shows that in short run if policy can be taken to keep inflation low, unemployment rises. The reason is at low price, production level falls and thus demand for labour falls. If government wants to keep unemployment level low, this is done at the cost of higher inflation rate. However, in long run, both consumers and firms adjust with the price level and unemployment rate backs at the countrys natural unemployment level (Setterfield, 2016). Laffer curve analysis The traditional theory of Laffer curve shows that relation between the tax rate imposed by government and revenue generated from the tax. Storm Naastepad (2012) cited that imposition of tax rate has two effects such as arithmetic and economic effects. The first effect shows that as tax rates are lowered, the tax revenue of the government decreases. However, there is an economic effect of lowering tax rate. As income tax rate in the economy is lowered, rate of tax evasion in the country may be lowered. Furthermore, the activity of the employees, who has to pay low income, increases. Figure 4: Laffer curve (Source created by author) The above curve shows that both at 0% and 100% level of tax rate, government would not get any revenue, because, 0% level, no revenue is generated. At 100% level, nobody is willing to pay high tax rate. At the initial stages, tax revenue increases with the level of tax rate. After certain stage, when tax becomes burden of people and reduces utility of money, rate of tax evasion decreases (Cornish Forder, 2015). Therefore, Tax revenue falls. There is a relation between tax revenue and economic growth. Tax revenue is an important source of income of government. Therefore, higher tax revenue increases government spending in the economy, which further aggravates the growth of the economy. Government spends the revenue in social well fare and infrastructure development, which facilitates different sectors of the economy by helping production process (Del Negro Giannoni Schorfheide, 2015). Hence, economy and thus GDP grows. Impact of different economic variables on demand of Schmeckt Gut Schmeckt Gut wants to open business in Atolia. The business environment of Atolia has impact on start up business of Schmeckt Gut. If cost-push inflation prevails in the economy at the time of opening business in Atolia, this increases cost of production of Schmeckt Gut. This company requires hiring local labour to operate in Atolia. Therefore, wage cost would be hire for Schmeckt Gut, which may restricts the firm to keep price of newly launched energy bar low. Low price gives a firm competitive advantage in the market (Gal, 2015). The company has to competitive local firms in Atolia. From the figure 5, it is seen that there is positive correlation between income and inflation rate. As the market study depicts, inflation rate increases with increase in income. The calculated correlation between quarterly income and inflation is 0.15, which and very low however, positive. Low correlation suggests that there are other variables in the economy, which influence the inflation rate in the economy. During Q4 of 2014, the income has risen 4.50% from Q3 (calculation is referred to excel sheet). However, inflation rate has fallen during this period. During 2012, the government has increased the tariff rate as demand for products have grown. However, imposition of tariff has not much effect on demand for energy bar. As the income of people increases, the demand for product increases offsetting the effect of tariff. Generally imposition of tariff increases product prices. Therefore, imposition of tariff discourages the import demand. However, in the market of Atolia, the scen ario is different. Income effects dominate the rise in price. It indicates that demand for energy bar in Atolia is inelastic. Figure 5: Relation between inflation and income (Source: created by author) The data from market research shows that increases in demand has not affected the inflation much. The inflation rate in the economy has remained at 2.48% on an average during six years. However, it can be said the macroeconomic condition in the economy is stable. As the demand has increased, number of gyms has also increased. Tin order to boost economy, government has lowered the tariff rate on import from Industria. As the tariff rate increases, revenue of government increases. Therefore, spending in the economy raises, this further raises aggregate demand. Despite increase in aggregate demand, the economy experiences low inflation rate. This may happen due to supply side effect. Increase in aggregate supply may offset the effect of aggregate demand and keeps the economy stable. Regression analysis: There are several factors determine the variation of the demand of the product of Schmeckt Gut. There is a consideration of certain variables and impacts of their variation on the change in the demand. Here, the depended variable is demand and the independent variables are income, tariff, numbers of gyms and inflation rate. The rationale behind choosing the independent variables is that, increase in the number of gyms may a have impact on consuming more energy bars (Svensson, 2015). Because, in most the gym instructor recommend the energy bars. Increase in come can cause a increase in the demand for the energy bars, increasing the rate of inflation cause a rise to the price increase in the domestic market. Therefore, rise in the price of Schmeckt Gut may cause a lower demand and losing of some consumer. Tariff imposition by the government plays a crucial role in this aspect. As Schmeckt Gut is foreign country, it has to pay a tariff to the government. If, there lower rate of tariff prevail, then price of the product must be lower, but high tariff causes increase in price of the product. Again increase in price may cause to decling output production or retaining the high price may cause to losing some customer in the market. Taking into account all these factors, a model of regression is setting up. All the independent variables are in absolute form and dependent variables are in log form. Therefore, coefficients of the regression show the variation in the demand due to the independent variables. The number of gyms and the inflation rate of the domestic country do not have any significant effect on the variation of demand. However, income and tariff have significant effect on determining variation of the demand for the Schmeckt Gut. Interestingly, income of the people has a significantly positive impact on the demand for the product where as the tariff has a negative impact on the demand for the product. Therefore, as the income of the people increases, there is an increase in the demand for the product. Tariff has a negative impact on the demand. If the governments imposition tariffs increases, this is negatively associated with the demand for the product. Therefore, to increase its demand, Schmeckt Gut depends on the income profile of the country and existing and future rate of tariffs. Therefore, there are insignificant effect of the number of gyms and inflation rate whereas income and tariffs have a significant effect on the demand of the product. The high values of adjus ted r-square suggest the regression model is good-fit. This means the above independent variables explain the change in the demand for the product by more than 80%. Therefore, from the above discussion it is clear that explaining the variation of the demand income and tariff have a significant effect. To increase the demand of the product Schmeckt Gut, there should be a consistent rise in peoples income of that country and government tariff should be reduced or should go in favour of the Schmeckt Gut. Recommendations It is seen from the analysis that, there is stable business environment in Atolia. This indicates that the company has low risks in operating business in that country. However, there are others factors, which can affect the economy. There are other factors such as productivity of the resources, performance of working capital, capital investment in the economy, local competitiveness, nature of customers and suppliers. In order to establish business in overseas, the company has to develop good relation with the local stakeholders such as suppliers and customers. Apart from inflation, there are others factors, which affect the business such as fixed expenses, variable expenses, price of raw material etc. Every economy has to face different business cycle. The stages from 2011 to 2015 is the boom stage of business cycles, when aggregate demand is high, inflation rate is low, output and income is high. The economy therefore is prospective for business setup. However, the country may face different situation like recession if there is no control over supply and demand. Therefore, the company has to prepare itself for the unprecedented situation. Management of working capital is important for business. Working capital helps the business to finance any short term needs in business. Moreover, in order to compete in the local market, the company has to get economies of scale. Strategic decision in production such as product differentiation, bundling strategy, quality improvement may helpful in acquiring the market for energy bar in Atolia. Conclusion The report analyses business prospect of Schmeckt Gut in Atolia. Business performance depends on several macroeconomic factors of the target country. The report has tried to establish relation among different macroeconomic variables such as income, aggregate demand, and supply and inflation rate. Phillips curve depicts relation between cost push inflation and unemployment. However, the analysis says that demand pull inflation has positive effect on the economy. The analysis of Laffer curve shows relation between tax rate and tax revenue in an economy. There is a significant relation between tax revenue and growth of an economy. Tax revenue is an important source of income of government. Therefore, higher tax revenue increases government spending in the economy, which further induces the growth of the economy. As the data depicts, macroeconomic condition of the target country is stable and very prospective as the inflation rate is low. Therefore, the company can able to keep price of the product low. Hence, it can be said that setting up the business in Atolia is profitable for the company in long run. References Ascari, G., Sbordone, A. M. (2014). The macroeconomics of trend inflation.Journal of Economic Literature,52(3), 679-739. Benassy, J. P. (2014).Macroeconomics: an introduction to the non-Walrasian approach. Academic Press. Borio, C. (2014). The financial cycle and macroeconomics: What have we learnt?.Journal of Banking Finance,45, 182-198. Burda, M., Wyplosz, C. (2012).Macroeconomics: a European text. Oxford university press. Case, K. E., Fair, R. C., Oster, S. M. (2012).Principles of economics. Prentice Hall, Chiarella, C., Flaschel, P., Semmler, W. (2013).Reconstructing Keynesian Macroeconomics Volume 2: Integrated Approaches. Routledge. Coeurdacier, N., Rey, H. (2013). Home bias in open economy financial macroeconomics.Journal of Economic Literature,51(1), 63-115. Cornish, S., Forder, J. (2015). Macroeconomics and the Phillips Curve Myth. Del Negro, M., Giannoni, M. P., Schorfheide, F. (2015). Inflation in the Great Recession and New Keynesian Models.American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics,7(1), 168-196. Evans, G. W., Honkapohja, S. (2012).Learning and expectations in macroeconomics. Princeton University Press. Gal, J. (2015).Monetary policy, inflation, and the business cycle: an introduction to the new Keynesian framework and its applications. Princeton University Press. Gandolfo, G. (2013).International Economics II: International Monetary Theory and Open-Economy Macroeconomics. Springer Science Business Media. Iacoviello, M. (2014). 2. Macroeconomics of housing.The Global Financial Crisis and Housing: A New Policy Paradigm, 21. ILO, I. I., Chowdhury, A. (2014). The limits of conventional macroeconomics: why one needs to focus on structural transformation and inclusive development. Li, H., Wu, X. (2015). IS-LM Paradigm in Macroeconomics: A Survey and Evaluation.Theoretical Economics Letters,5(02), 296. Malmendier, U., Nagel, S. (2016). Learning from inflation experiences.The Quarterly Journal of Economics,131(1), 53-87. Mankiw, N. G. (2014).Principles of macroeconomics. Cengage Learning. Petersen, L., Amano, R., Kryvtsov, O. (2014).Recent Developments in Experimental Macroeconomics(No. dp14-08). Scarth, W. (2014). Macroeconomics.Books. Setterfield, M. (Ed.). (2016).Growth, employment and inflation: essays in honour of John Cornwall. Springer. Stock, J. H., Watson, M. W. (2015). Factor models and structural vector autoregressions in macroeconomics.forthcoming Handbook of Macroeconomics, eds. John B. Taylor and Harald Uhlig. Storm, S., Naastepad, C. W. M. (2012). Macroeconomics beyond the NAIRU.Economics Books. Svensson, L. E. (2015). The possible unemployment cost of average inflation below a credible target.American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics,7(1), 258-296. Yoshikawa, H., Aoyama, H., Fujiwara, Y., Iyetomi, H. (2015). Deflation/Inflation Dynamics: Analysis based on micro prices.Available at SSRN 2565599.

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Indoor And Outdoor Games Children And Young People Essay Essay Example

Indoor And Outdoor Games Children And Young People Essay Paper I have selected this subject because I have observed many kid s who are really fond of playing video games became aggressive and violent. They were used to play video games and so seek to use those techniques in existent life which they applied in games for illustration if a child had played racing game and did floating in it and acquire the compliment like Excellent, Nice e.t.c so he/she feels he/she was expert in it and he/she can make it in existent life excessively but when he make it in existent life it may do serious accident which may do his/her decease. While out-of-door games like cricket, football e.t.c. assist us to keep physical and mental wellness, create the spirit of assurance, subject and tolerance and we learn obeisance of regulation. These games promote peace and harmoniousness among people. Games and Human Behavior We will write a custom essay sample on Indoor And Outdoor Games Children And Young People Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Indoor And Outdoor Games Children And Young People Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Indoor And Outdoor Games Children And Young People Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Games help us to keep physical and mental wellness, create the spirit of assurance, subject, tolerance and do us enthusiastic and some violent picture games can increase aggressive behaviour. In ancient times gymnastic exercises were the lone method of physical exercising. It was really dull and humdrum. Man wished to acquire mental pleasance during physical exercising so he invented many outdoor and indoor games with the transition of clip. The history of the athleticss and games likely extends every bit back as the being of people as purposive sportive and active existences. Sports have been utile manner to increase command of nature and environment for people. The history of athleticss can learn us about societal alterations and about the nature of athletics itself. Sports involves basic human accomplishments being and exercised for their utility. It besides help us to cognize how society has changed its beliefs and hence there are alterations in the regulations. In out-of-door games we have to obey all the regulations so we learn obeisance of regulations. We learn how to move with our comrade participants. In out-of-door games we learn sportsmanship and besides acquire the spirit of sportswoman so, we tolerate the triumph of the opposition party When we play out-of-door games we breathe in muss of fresh air and O which keeps us off from different sort of fatal diseaseaˆˆso it turn away one s head from all sort of tensenesss, jobs and concerns. Games are the of import beginning for the growing and development of head and organic structure. We acknowledge that sitting in forepart of video games, telecasting for hours and hours is non wellness good being out-of-doorss help our kids sleep more good. When they have played out-of-doorss we should non mind if our kids get soiled or foul due to playing out-of-doorss. We should promote them to play and prefer outdoor. The benefits of out-of-door drama can be found in both mentally and physically. We know the benefits, strength endurance and physiques coordination. Playing outside is a value able activity in many ways for babes, yearlings and kindergartners. It promotes their development. Babies, yearlings and kindergartners are centripetal nervus scholars. Besides all wellness benefits it stretches out kids cognition and thought. As grownups we know that we learn through making so we should admit that kids learn from gesture. Playing out-of-doorss cuts down emphasis in kids. Childr en express and work out emotional facets of every twenty-four hours experiences through unstructured drama. Children allowed to play freely with equals learn accomplishments for seeing things through another individual s position, collaborating, sharing, and work outing jobs. Outdoor games help us to command on different fatal diseases such as respiratory, bosom diseases and shot, high blood force per unit area, non insulin dependant, diabetes, fleshiness, back hurting osteoporosis and can better your temper, aid you to better manage emphasis, which besides keeps you off from different psychological issues. It keeps a individual off from smoking and other dependences which are bad for wellness. It deviates one s head from tensenesss, jobs and concerns. Outdoor games teach us different type of accomplishments which help us throughout our life and state us how to manage different type of state of affairs. It gives us assurance which adult male ever lacks and adult male ever need assurance in every state of affairs. It enhances our determination devising. It makes us crisp to pull strings the determination. We learn obeisance of regulations and Torahs, so it teaches us the subject. Tolerance is another factor which it gives us. When we are defeated by the opposite squad it teaches us the tolerance against the winning squad. It besides teaches us the sportsmanship passion and motive. When we are defeated it gives us passion and mark to win following clip. Peoples are so busy in their lives that do non cognize each other life in the same vicinity even they do non cognize their neighbours for old ages and old ages. So when people play together in squads so it gives us a better opportunity to cognize and to interact with each other. In a squad every participant has a different socio-culture background when participants meet each other they portion their moral values, beliefs and norms. Outdoor games bring integrity among people and supply a platform to interchange their civilization, tradition, imposts, positions, ideas and thoughts. Science has made a singular advancement in the field of engineering merely to supply comfort and to function humanity in a better manner. During the last few decennaries our society is confronting a serious job that our young person has involved excessively much in Bet oning at their places for hours and hours but it is really black for their wellness. As we know that Video games have been in being for last many decennaries and turning concerns about their negative influence are really high particularly harmonizing to study held in New York City that those Adolescents who play violent picture games over a figure of old ages become more aggressive and obstinate. Harmonizing to a recent research that violent picture games can alter the encephalon in merely one hebdomad and do participants more hostile and harsh. The most alarming state of affairs is that the offense rate is increasing phenomenally due to violent picture games we have most of the times what we have in those games for ca se bloodshed, monolithic violent deaths, bombardments, sex maltreatment and sexual contents. The biggest illustration of the game that stimulate greater force was the call of responsibility and Anders Breivik, the Norse who killed 77 people, claimed earlier this twelvemonth that he had played picture game Call of Duty to develop himself I have some recent illustrations which are adequate to turn out me right. A 13-year old male child jumped from the edifice s 24thA floor and committed self-destruction after playing War trade III for 36 hours directly. A adolescent went on a violent disorder and killed three work forces, two of them constabulary officers, after months of playing Grand Theft Auto A 17-year-old male killed his female parent and wounded his after they took Halo 3 off from him. A 15-year old ran off from place after his parents took his Xbox console off. His dead organic structure was found about a month after.1 Eric Harris and one of his freinds, Dylan Klebold killed 13 pupils at Columbine High School and so killed themselves on 20th of April 1999. Harmonizing to the statements of their female parents, both were large fans of the Doom, the first-person taw picture game. Is it excessively big of a spring in logic to infer that this violent picture game resulted the brace to execute this awful act of atrocity? 2 More than 130 researches have been carried on more than 130,000 participants around the universe ( Anderson et al. , 2010 ) . These studies prove that violent picture games increase aggressive thoughts, ferocious feelings, physiological stimulation, and aggressive behaviour. Violent games besides decrease helping behaviour and impressions of understanding for others.3 Child s who are really fond of playing video games became aggressive and violent. They were used to play video games and so seek to use those techniques in existent life which they applied in games for illustration if a child had played a racing game and did floating in it and acquire the compliment like Excellent, Nice e.t.c so he/she feels he/she was expert in it and he/she can make it in existent life excessively but when he make it in existent life it may do serious accident which may do his/her decease. It is said, Healthy organic structure creates a healthy head nevertheless, it is merely non possible for everyone to travel on making difficult work at surveies without a interruption. All clip difficult work and survey can ensue into great humdrum. Every pupil after a difficult work needs a alteration, some recreational activity etc and athleticss are the best for this intent. Outdoor games are every bit of import as surveies are. These games help a pupil to keep a good build and sound wellness. If a individual does non take portion in such sort of activities, this will non allow him/her to execute good in faculty members. Games and athleticss create a sense of leading, a sense of assurance in a pupil. At the terminal, out-of-door games are really of import in one s life. These games promote peace and harmoniousness among the people. A pupil must chiefly work hard on his surveies but he can non disregard games and athleticss. It is incorrect to state that playing games and athleticss is wastage of clip. Playing game is instead a originative use of clip but kids should non play violent games as by this he/she might became aggressive. Work CITED Measurements taken from New York times Published on 12 July, 2011 hypertext transfer protocol: // Data retrieved on 25/12/2012. hypertext transfer protocol: // Data retrieved on 25/12/2012.

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Outsourcing And Its Advantage And Disadvantage Essays - Outsourcing

Outsourcing And Its Advantage And Disadvantage Essays - Outsourcing Outsourcing And Its Advantage And Disadvantage Introduction : Nowadays, many organisation are outsourcing their non- core activities to an external agents. Distribution is one of these activities as distribution consider as a non-core activity for many firms. Although, there are many advantage for outsourcing, there are also risks and disadvantage in this process. In this essay I would explain the term outsourcing and explain why organisations are preferring to outsource some of its functions in todays environment. Also, in this essay it has been tried to analysis the advantage and disadvantage of the outsourcing process and its risks towards the organisation. The word outsourcing could be described as the contractual relationship with a specialised outside service provider for work traditionally done in-house. Outsourcing could also be defined as the use of external agents to perform one or more organisational activities. In the last decade or so there has been a trend, particular among large scale companies, to hand over the whole or part of the distribution function to the external agents. One should emphasis that outsourcing is an issue that is not specific to distribution. Many other organisational functions, such as information system, building maintenance, etc, have been outsource for many years in organisations. There are different reasons for organisations outsourcing their distribution function. More and more organisations today face a dynamic and changing environment. This, in turn, is requiring these organisations to adapt. Competition is also changing. The global economy means that competitors are likely to come from across the ocean as from across town. Successful organisations will be the ones that can change in response to the competition and changing environment. In other words, they will be flexible. Therefore, todays organisation stand in sharp contrast to the typical bureaucratic organisations that have many vertical levels of management and where control is sought through ownership. In such organisations, Research and Development are done in-house, production occurs in company-owned plants, and sales and distribution are performed by the companys own employees. To support all this, management has to employ extra personal including accountants, human

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Protecting Homeland Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Protecting Homeland Security - Essay Example Following the events of Sept. 11, the U.S. government has had a keen awareness of the risks posed by international terrorist groups, but it is divided over whether the military should be restructured in order to better respond to those threats. One major element of that dilemma has been the funding. With the Pentagon already engaged in expensive, armed conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, two countries invaded by U.S.-led forces as part of the war on terrorism, many wonder whether the U.S. can afford to implement major reforms in its military ranks. Since there is no clear answer to that question, efforts to institute far-reaching structural and policy changes in the U.S. military have divided many within Congress, the Pentagon and the defense industry, which produces the equipment and weapons used by the U.S. military. Supporters of military transformation include Bush, many prominent members of his administration, high-ranking officials in the Pentagon, members of Congress and a number of firms within the defense industry. They collectively argue that, due to the war on terrorism, conditions are right for reforming the military for the 21st century.